Government Grants

Kreitals works with clients to develop innovative and practical strategies and actions that can grow their business potential. We help clients focus on business alliances and a broad range of business resources that can boost growth and competitiveness. Government assistance schemes can be an important resource for businesses focused on building and sustaining their business potential over the medium to long term and we help firms refine their strategies to take full effect of available policies and programmes.

Kreitals has extensive experience with a range of government schemes. At the federal level, these include the R&D Tax Incentive, the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG), and grants focused on the manufacturing, engineering, textiles, apparel, food and construction industries, small business, green building and environmental sustainability.

While a number of Federal Government grant programmes closed in 2014/15, new assistance schemes have been introduced in their place. Federal Government support continues to include the R&D Tax Incentive (the most recent of a series of R&D assistance schemes) and EMDG. In addition, there are several well-funded programmes directed to business growth and competitiveness (particularly targeting small and medium enterprises), development of business / research projects, automotive industry transition, high value knowledge-intensive manufacturing, industry skills development, regional industry development and emissions reduction.

Kreitals is well positioned to provide clients with strategic business services that include helping to consider, and potentially access and manage, government grants. Kreitals has helped more than 350 companies over the years in accessing business support programmes, winning grants or concessions from $5,000 to several million dollars.


We help clients boost their growth and competitiveness.


Kreitals works proactively to develop and implement communications strategies.

Policy Development

The Kreitals team of advisors understand the policy process having worked in senior positions within government and industry. Kreitals is able to identify key government decision makers, connect with industry allies and networks, initiate dialogue with government advisors and make representations to senior government officials and Ministers. Kreitals works proactively with clients to develop and implement communications strategies that make things happen. This is particularly reflected in Kreitals ongoing policy role with industry bodies such as the Council of Textile & Fashion Industries of Australia and the Furniture Cabinets Joinery Alliance Limited.


Kreitals is able to help companies present their case to government in a way that ensures our clients are heard and understood. The combination of access to relevant officials and Ministerial offices, and the quality of the message delivered, ensures that industry views are considered by government. Kreitals has extensive experience in preparing industry and company submissions to many different government agencies, including Ministers, Senate Committees, Industry Inquiries and Programme Reviews.

Tender Proposals

Kreitals can help companies draft tender proposals to government aimed at winning government contracts.