Progressive Business Advice

Kreitals is experienced and skilled in providing strategic advice and support to businesses, peak industry bodies, and business and industry networks. We help companies develop their business strategies (particularly taking into account implications of impending government policy and assistance programmes), access and manage government grants, and help industry groups and individual companies with their submissions to government. We have also contributed to the Government’s consideration of the design, delivery and evaluation of assistance schemes for business and industry.

Kreitals is headquartered in Melbourne and has advisors and associates based in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. We provide services to clients throughout Australia and in selected overseas locations. We have worked with hundreds of clients from a wide range of industry sectors, including small and medium businesses, large corporations, industry bodies and government agencies (state, federal and international).


Business Clients

Kreitals helps clients grow their business potential through strategic thinking, actions and plans focused on innovative and practical solutions.

The Kreitals team works flexibly and proactively with clients and has a proven track record in assisting companies with projects directed to business growth and competitiveness. We value collaborative client relationships and encourage clients to explore the broadening and deepening of their strategic business alliances, facilitating commercially oriented linkages where appropriate. We focus attention on business resources that promote ‘Better Outcomes. Better Business’, including government assistance programmes and grants.

Since Kreitals commenced operations in 1998, we have helped more than 350 companies access business support programmes, securing grants or concessions from $5,000 to several million dollars.

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Industry Clients

Kreitals has built strong relationships with peak industry bodies and business and industry hubs and networks particularly in the manufacturing and service industry sectors. Our team of advisors has a great depth of experience with industry policy issues. We have been actively involved in dialogue with government, over a range of industry programmes, to promote the targeting and participation of firms and industry sectors that can derive the most benefit, both for the businesses themselves and for the overall economy.

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Engagement with Government

Kreitals has worked with government agency clients (federal, state and local) on strategic projects directed to business and industry development. The Kreitals team is well positioned to help business and industry clients make submissions to government. We have provided input into government policy and the design and delivery of specific government assistance schemes for business. We have a deep understanding of government policy objectives and consequently of grant funding programmes and their aims. Kreitals has a proven track record of helping clients to improve their business by strategically utilising the available grants and programmes that support business expansion and sustainability.

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Examples of Kreitals Projects

Strategic Business Projects and Plans ‐ Working with enterprises - from micro-businesses to large globally oriented corporations - on strategic business, market, export, technology, research, and product development projects and plans.

Business Support Schemes ‐ Helping businesses understand and access government schemes that promote and fund business activities and projects directed to sustainable business growth and competitiveness, research and development, business/research linkages, export promotion, high value manufacturing, regional industry development, and business resource management efficiency/environmental impact reduction.

Research and Development (R&D) ‐ Research and development plans for companies in a number of industry sectors (textiles, packaging, software development, chemicals, food processing, engineering, water treatment). Kreitals is therefore well positioned to help businesses intensify their research and development activities, advising on R&D that is eligible for assistance under the Federal Government’s R&D Incentive scheme.

Export Markets ‐ Market development projects specifically aimed at bringing small to medium sized businesses together to partner in promoting key products and services in export markets. Kreitals is therefore well positioned to help businesses build export markets by advising on export promotional activities that are eligible for assistance under the Federal Government’s Export Market Development Grant (EMDG).

Conferences ‐ Initiating and conducting targeted conferences, seminars and workshops, at enterprise and industry level, nationally and internationally, arranging high level speakers (business, industry, government), and leading industry and research executives in strategic discussions focused on business and industry challenges and advancement.

Industry Networks ‐ Kreitals has an extensive track record of establishing and facilitating industry networks focused on mutually beneficial commercial outcomes. For example, Kreitals managed the Australian TCF Technology Network with more than 400 participants (involving facilitating links between companies and researchers; leading to the initiation of over 230 technology transfers, with more than 100 collaborations reaching commercialisation), as well as the Mining-TCF supply chain network, the Performance Textiles Collaborative Hub and the Furniture Cabinets Joinery Collaborative Hub under META (Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce of Australia). Kreitals also provides policy advice and representation to government on behalf of the Furniture Cabinets Joinery Alliance.

Technology Transfer ‐ Conducting a Technology Transfer Pilot project for Enterprise Connect, which led to the establishment of a national TCF Innovation Network, administered by government.

Fiji Garment Industry ‐ Representing the Fiji garment industry in its dealings with the Australian Government and Australian industry from 2000 to 2005.

Vietnam Textiles and Clothing Industry ‐ Advising the Vietnamese textiles and clothing industry (through its peak association VINATEX) on the implications of global trade developments in 2001.