Strategic Business Advice

Kreitals has a long history of helping clients develop strategies that open the door to business growth and competitiveness.

We are independent and objective advisors who can bring together managers, staff and stakeholders (through group activities and one on one) to create targeted and flexible approaches to business that the company at all levels can understand, commit to, and use.

The Kreitals team has extensive research and analytical skills, a good understanding of industry, insights into government thinking and processes, and wide-ranging local and overseas networks. We value collaborative client relationships. These attributes enable us to engage effectively with clients including through targeted business discussions, user-friendly briefings, practical plans and reports, and well-managed strategic business projects

Kreitals strategic business advice includes helping clients consider, and potentially access and manage, government grants. Kreitals has helped more than 350 companies over the years in accessing business support programmes, winning grants or concessions from $5,000 to several million dollars (90% of which comprise recurrent clients for the life of the relevant programmes).

We look forward to assisting you to develop cost-effective, practical and intelligent approaches to transforming your business, including through judicious application of the available government policies and programmes.


We value collaborative client relationships.


We can develop an action plan to streamline your operations.

Marketing Strategies

Kreitals has a proven track record of assisting clients to develop marketing and export strategies supported by relevant market research (including analysis of markets, products and distribution), and customer surveys/evaluation

Operational Reviews

Kreitals advisors have managed small and large business operations, including manufacturing, distribution and retail. We have the experience and skills to work with your management and staff to review operational procedures and identify any significant inefficiencies, wastage and duplication that may exist. We can work with your team to develop and implement an action plan to streamline your operations to ensure cost effective operations whilst retaining the highest possible quality and service, including staff training and mentoring.

Environmental Sustainability

Kreitals can assist companies in developing appropriate energy and waste management systems. We are well versed in full life cycle assessment of products and the development of Enhanced Producer Responsibility arrangements to ensure the effective treatment of products once they present in the waste stream.

Kreitals has been at the forefront of the development of Product Stewardship arrangements in Australia, having worked extensively with Government and industry representatives to develop an industry led scheme for end of life tyres.